Monday, June 29, 2009

I Tri-ed and I Conquered!

This is a long overdue post because of everything that happened this month, I'm sure most of you know about this event or have read it somewhere. So I'm just posting some pictures what me & DH did during the Animo Sprint Triathlon last June 14, 2009.

DH & I along with some other friends finished the mini-sprint.

350m Swim, 12km Bike, 3.4km Run.

My Bib

I'm somewhere there, jittery & nervous

DH swim away

Who cares about messy hair during transition?

Yikes my legs are all messed up because of the ink!

What a fun day. Will definitely TRI again on October. And this time my aim is not just to finish, but to do better.

Farewell Dear Amah 1927-2009

Did you see my last post, June 15? I mentioned my Grandma has been out of the hospital? That day at 7.30 am, I spoke to her over the phone, she sounds ok & jolly, not knowing that will be my last conservation with her.

2 years ago, she was diagnosed to have Thyroid Cancer Stage 3. The family was shocked in disbelief. Everyone secretly cried. From then on we all realized her mortality and started to spend time with her, more. Even my parents who lived overseas would often come to visit her. By the way, she is the Mother of my mom.

People who knew me knows that I grew up with her. In my eulogy I said: She is more of a Mother to me than a grandmother. She took care of me and my brother, she cooked our meals, gave our allowances; she's always there because my parents were both busy working in Hong Kong. I cannot give justice to an amazing woman like her thru words.. I'm grieving for your loss, but I'll see you one day in Heaven.." My voice cracking, shaking & I just broke down.

June 15, 6pm she was rushed to the hospital because the thyroid has become big and she eventually got choked hence loss of air to her heart and brain. She was flat-lined when she arrived Manila Doctor's. However the team of Doctors revived her heart and her BP came back to normal, but considered coma already. I'm still questioning myself, I think she died and came back to life? Did she saw Jesus when her heart stopped inside the car? After 20 minutes inside the car that she didn't breath, she was revived?! Miracle.

My mom was hysterical, she took the 1st plane out of Hong Kong June 16, Tuesday morning. All family members are present in the hospital room. While I, kept talking to my Grandma and sharing the Gospel to her in fookien. I asked the nurse if she can hear me, nurse said yes, coma patient can hear.

June 17 morning, her heart is weakening and she had fever caused by UTI. Her veins are collapsing as well, and full dose of medicine just to keep her heart pumping. She went flat-lined again at 2.30pm and doctors trying to revived for 30 minutes. This time, the Lord took her home.

I don't know how to describe the pain, we are all there to witness her being gone, forever. I will not see her again in this lifetime. But one day, Amah, I will see you.

2 weeks we've been all sleepless taking care of the wake & funeral. She was laid to rest June 21, 2009. Thank you for all who came & prayed & comforted us.

Thank you Amah for the love & care. You will always be in my heart.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Running Like a Headless Chicken

I've been busy these past few weeks, hence my blogging absence. From taking turns to visit my Dear Grandmother in the hospital (confined 1 week) due to breathing complications; school started last week for my Dear Son; project deadlines for clients; my brief visit to Hong Kong; my triathlon training for June 14; and the daily errands that I've been doing for the past 7 years.

I'm not complaining! Now that Dear Grandma is out of hospital, triathlon has been conquered, I can seat down and catch my breath.

But I got a lot of stories to tell :)

Wednesday, June 3, 2009


June is the month of my wedding anniversary, and it is also the month that DH & I became acquainted. This year we celebrate God's faithfulness in our 7th Year as Husband & Wife and 9 years of being best of friends.

DH picked a gift for me and as expected, it's something that he can also benefit..

My brand new Lap top.

We always have simple celebration by just dining out. It's been raining and we're too lazy to get fancy so we landed at Serendra and picked MAMOU for dinner.

And here's what we ordered..

Orange Kamote Soup
DH said my pumpkin soup is still the winner.

Pork & Chicken Brazilian Style
Verdict: Flavorful. Love the black beans on the side, very original.

Wawa Roast Beef
Now this is a winner for me. It's very juicy, flavorful, the gravy is the steak juice, but warning because its oily & fatty.

We got 3 sidings as well: Steak red rice, creamed corn & creamed spinach

As usual, we finished everything & savored the flavorful steak to the last fat. So Bad but so good. Would definitely come back for the steak.


We went to Subic for the annual company outing. Our Manager ME booked everyone to stay at "All Hands Beach Resort".

There's nothing to rave about this resort, because the facilities are ordinary and very basic. What we appreciated most was our employees from all branches & factory got together cooking our meals, played sports together and their kids had fun. My Dear Son & the children of our employees enjoyed playing/catching the "Piso" sized Jelly fish and baby crabs. My brilliant partner SN rewarded the kids with 'Popsicle sticks' to those who caught thoseJelly fish! LOL!

That's my partner FC in silhouette.

Our employees makes authentic Filipino dishes. The chicken adobo & Eggplant Enselada was superbly delicious.

The next morning, my partners FC, SN & myself woke up early and ran 6km to shed off the food we loaded.

Monday, June 1, 2009

Simple Joys

Whenever I see my kids getting a new toy, or a crunchy snack (chips) or ice cream or candy, they are so overjoyed and really makes their day. I wish I can be like them.. I am actually once like them, and that was decades back. One character that i need to keep developing is to be grateful and thankful for simple blessings that I often overlooked.

Couple of days ago I bought my usual cup of Mocha Frap in Starbucks at Fully Booked Serendra, the cashier told me that my receipt is entitled to a free tall size drink if i logged in to their website and fill in a survey. So I did.. and here's my freebie: Dark Mocha Frappuccino!

I was with my Daughter and we passed by Bestsellers by National Bookstore, and a nice young lady (Regent Merchandiser) gave us this sample snack.. another freebie, and its taste really good!
My daughter hoarding the crunchy sticks!

Thank God for giving me the wisdom to appreciate small things like these. I pray for the rest of my life, I'll be thanking God each day for the life that..
He gave me;

my DH;
my kids,

our health,

the time with my parents & in laws,
the ability to work & serve Jesus at workplace,
our talents & wits;
our home;

keeping us safe & protected;

providing for our needs & many times desires;

the strength to do sports & join competitions;
surrounded by great family & good friends;
a heart that has peace;
a mind that is focused on the Truth;

Thank you Lord for your faithfulness.

Foodtrip: Indian

Thank heavens for weekends because i don't have to cook meals for the family. It is expected that every Saturday night, DH & I will have our 'date night'. Sometimes we bring the kids, but a lot of times it was just the two of us. Sunday mornings we go to Christ Commission Fellowship (CCF) and lunch is usually at The Podium or Megamall. Dinners on Sundays are at my In-Laws. Love, love love weekends!!

2 Saturdays ago we chose to eat at New Bombay (Makati Branch). And here's what we ordered.

Eggplant Marsala? (forgot the name but close to it)
Verdict: Yummy :) Perfect dip for the Cheese Naan we ordered

Chicken Tikka Marsala
Verdict: DH loves it. He ate most of it with white rice. It's purely chicken breast in special sauce. I love the sauce because its creamy & tasty.

This is the Cheese Naan. We also ordered the Garlic Naan. I like the Cheese Naan more because it is softer. The garlic flavor is equally good for dunking in those rich, thick sauces.

That green thing is my favorite, Palak Paneer (Spinach with Indian cottage cheese).
Verdict: i-luv-it. We finished all these in few minutes, just me and DH.

I'm not really a fan of Indian food until we tried New Bombay, and food are reasonably priced.