Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Sunday Breakfast + Good Conversation

I'm not a breakfast eater.. I'm an early riser and a morning person but never really ate "real food" for breakfast.. usually i just eat 2x a day, and some light snacks in between. Until just last weekend I was in Hong Kong for a working visit with business partner SN, I ate breakfast each morning for 3 days.. SN eats 3 square meals a day plus snacks in between!

I enjoyed it actually, its an excuse to eat more because the rest of the day we were busy walking around the convention center.

I particularly like the Hong Kong Style coffee shop. They served the yummiest coffee, it must be the milk!

I'm posting this because it was so much fun to have Sunday breakfast with good conversation.. :)

This is what I ate last Sunday. 

Hong Kong version of Cafe Latte

Peanut Butter Toast & Ham Omelette

Monday, September 6, 2010

Great is God's Love

Last Sunday during worship, Pastor Sarthou shared the testimony about "Brian Welch", co-founder of the band named "Korn". If you're a fan of heavy metal music, you must be aware that they are very famous! I'm not a fan, but i was intrigued. I really love to hear testimonies from famous people who have lots of money, fame and power.. but inside they are living in misery. I go-ogled it today and found this powerful video.. watch.. It really put tears in my eyes.

How great is His love? it passes all knowledge, No man’s comprehension, its measure can be; It filleth the world, yet each heart may contain it. - Annie Johnson Flint