Sunday, May 31, 2009


2 weeks ago my cousin in law MLG introduced Easy Phamax Colon-cleasing program to me. She explained the benefits and how it works. I won't go into detail but here's the link of the product:
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So last week, i purchased 2 sets for me and DH. 3 days fasting of no food intake, however the set already includes our meal replacement consists of wheatgrass and fiber shakes.

Here's what happened to DH: 1st day he took those drink and he almost puke. Around 3PM he started going to the bathroom and *poop* a lot! He couldn't stand the taste of the drink so he gave up the 1st day. Total number of *poop* 3 times. He said he felt clean inside.

My experience: 1st day was quite easy, i drank all the shakes and *poop* twice! 2nd day i was already getting sick of the drink and *poop* 5 times!! I was feeling weak each time and hungry. And every time i prepare the drink i cannot stand the smell anymore. I surrendered on the 2nd day. Total number of poop, 7 times! I felt really light but curious maybe i have lost a pound or 2.. yikes, scale shows i'm only 96 lbs! Honestly I don't look healthy because of sudden weight lost in 2 days. I started eating the next day because of my paranoia.. and gained back 3 lbs as of today. Good grief!
My poop does not exactly look like this, but close to it..

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I will recommend to anyone who needs cleasing because i really felt light and clean after the program. But I will not recommend to people who are underweight already. As for the taste of the product, its not as bad tasting as bitter or anything, but the fact of taking it 6 times a day of the same thing that we couldn't stand. But some people I know took it for 3 days and they did fine.

You can try it too.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Sad News

Mike Tyson's daughter Exodus Tyson died because of a freak accident.. Her neck got strangled in their treadmill machine at home! Never thought this could happen.
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I feel really depressed when i hear this kind of news, because our family encountered an accident last year. My daughter fell from our dining chair while reaching for a glass of iced tea and got off-balance, she landed elbow first.

I bombarded my thoughts to be positive out of this negative situation. I kept reminding myself..Thank God, its not a broken leg or broken skull etc., but only a small chip on her bone near the elbow which has been repaired immediately by her Pedia-Ortho Dr. Mario Geronilla. It was a surreal experience for me, but God put me through in this tough time. I wouldn't make it without God's intervention in my life.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Stage Mom

Today we went to Manila Polo Club for the closing of the Soccer summer clinic of Manila Soccer Academy (MSA). Teams from different Soccer organizations like Xavier, Corinthians, etc. joined the competition. Children of all sizes & shapes were scattered in the field with their proud parents, including myself.

Parents were all smiles and just kept clicking their cameras!

My dear son played for MSA in his age group and they won 2nd runner up! YIPEE!! I don't want to gush but I am his number 1 fan, even if he is not the star player. I love this sport for kids, it takes away their excess energy, hence they are more relaxed at home and finish their dinner in a jiffy.

I Want!

I want this kind of 'toned' body.

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Sorry folks because i just woke up and came from dreamland. Forgive my wishful thinking. Good Morning!

Friday, May 22, 2009

Am I Ready To Tri?

June 14, 2009 is the day that I'm attempting to join a triathlon event. I'm still having jitters while saying this, because people who knew me from before knows that I'm not athletic! Not only until last year that i fell in love with running. This year, cousins in laws like MC, CQC, EC, TT including DH, and a number close friends are signing up for the Animo Triathlon in Ayala Alabang. I'm a newbie so i plan to join the mini-sprint (Swim- 350m, Bike- 12km, Run- 3.4km). Note, I said "plan".. so you know i also have the intention to back out :[

And so last Monday and today, I hit the pool.

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Yup 50 Meters Lap Pool. And yes i am still alive after 18 Laps.

Last Tuesday i went biking with DH.

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Do i want to be like her? just like a little girl dreaming of the future.. After a few knocks on the head... I don't want to attempt, it pays to train that hard to be like her! I'll stick to being a Jeweller/MOM/Cook. A lot easier. And just do a little run, bike, swim and enjoy buying nice gears to go with each sport.

Friday, May 15, 2009

What's New in Store

New Arrivals. Feast on these fabulous pieces..

Cabochon Cut Amethyst with Rose Cut Diamonds Chandelier Setting in White Gold

Pink Sapphire, Aquamarine & Diamond Foliage Earrings in Yellow Gold

Pink Sapphire with White & Lavander Jade Musical Note Earrings in Yellow Gold

I have my favorite, what's yours? :)

Training Time! & Some Loot

Yesterday I swam with my good friend CQC, tomorrow I plan to run while my DS play soccer at Manila Polo Club. I'm joining the Animo Triathlon At Ayala Alabang on June. Folks, i'm just doing the mini-sprint, so no need to raise your eyebrows :) This Sunday, May 17, DH & I together with some friends, signed up for Market Market Run.

Our running bibs

DH opted not to do the 10 mile run because of the hot weather now & knee injury, plus we have a full Sunday ahead. Our cousin CY's wedding day! I'm so happy today because I went to Rajo's Sale and got myself and DD a loot!! I'll post mine in the next few days because of some alteration. I got DD a cute denim "RAJO" mini skirt.. at a VERY GOOD PRICE! Yipee

So how's your day?

His Words I hold dear

This is my quiet time this morning

Psalm 37

Book of Job

What an assurance. His Word gives me peace :) What about you?

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Today is the First

Yes, today is my first time to blog and will start sharing some things about me, my activities, and anything that i like, my desires, etc. That's all. And yes, I'm a jeweller/partner of a premier jewelry salon in the Philippines.

So I'll kick off some plugging because we made the country proud this year. HOSEKI won 4 awards from the recent 7th International South Sea Pearl Competition organized by the South Sea Pearl Consortium held in Hong Kong last March 2009.

Over 600 entries from around the world joined the competition, and we bagged 4 major awards.

"Braided Elegance"
Designer: Shamaine Ng
Gold Award for the Bracelet Category

"The Lady's Hat"

Designer: Manuelito "Knoi" Esmane
Gold Award for Others Category


Designer: Evelyn Buen-Chua

Silver Award Earrings Category

Designer: Carina Lopez
Silver Award for Pendant/Necklace Category

I will scan some more photos tomorrow. This is a fun start! Congratulations to my partners!