Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Ayen's Radish Cake

I love the White Radish Cake (loh pak kou) that serves in Chinese Restaurants with dim sum in their menus. It's has been a favorite since I was a kid. My Mom who lives in Hong Kong brings me to great restaurants that serves the best radish cake! I love to cook, so she bought me recipe books for this dish. However, the process of making it was tedious and time consuming. I have no time.. I'm more of a marinate, crock-pot, pressure cooker, quick stir fry, anything quick kind of cook! LOL!!

My SIL, Ayen, who's also a cook herself, have lots of time to create dishes because she's a stay at home mom/wife. So me and Mom gave her all the Hong Kong cookbooks to start her experiment.

After a few try, her radish cake became a staple in our breakfast table, merienda and give-away to relatives. She uses ingredients from Hong Kong. By word of mouth, the orders from her friends and my side of relatives starts coming in!

She consigns this also in local Chinese groceries, and according to the grocery owners, it's always sold out!

This is the trademark packaging which you can see from the local Chinese groceries. Yesterday she gave me 2 containers and I cooked it right away.

I like to pan-fry it to become brown in all sides. Since I love everything spicy, my secret is to put X.O Scallop sauce on top, give it a few stir and ready to eat!

Did you see the X.O. scallop bits on each? It's really delicious. That's my breakfast.

For orders please call Ayen at +639178161668. Pick up only. Unless your kids studies at Makati Hope Christian School then you can schedule to meet up with her.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Wear Your Memories

These are my old charm bracelets/pendants/trinkets/rings from many years back, many i wore it when I was a little girl till teenage years. All were very sentimental to me because it was given to me by my very fashionable mom. I believe I became a Jeweler because my mom is also a Jeweler herself. She influenced me in loving jewelry and design.

I visited my vault in the bank one day and took an inventory of my 'little girl' stuff. Many of this pieces are too babyish and petite already to wear for a mid thirties woman like me..

I thought of why not make it into a huge chunk of bracelet with lots and lots of charms.

So this is my idea.. I gathered them all and made this design.

plus these...

all these became.....

I LOVE how it turned out. All memories are now intact, and can be worn.. many many years.

I can make your memories intact too! Go to your 'little girls' vault and find yours!

Friday, July 2, 2010


 My client and hardworking woman Mrs. LUC commissioned me to design a brooch using Rubies and Diamonds. To make this piece functional I suggested that this brooch can be worn 3 ways! Brooch, Pendant and Hair piece.

She wanted classic and elegant. I came up with this design, classic renaissance, chandelier.

plus this

became this!!