Tuesday, April 27, 2010

30+ Something Birthday

I interrupt my travelog to show you some pics of my birthday. The pics are all halo-halo from gifts & food & cards from family & friends.

The actual day is a Tuesday. Treat from DH- Emperor Chinese Food in Mall of Asia. Just us and the kids.

My D12 ladies with husbands prepared a Nigella inspired dinner at BN & SN lovely house. Everyone brought Asian dishes (mostly Thai)

 I made this! Indonesian Chicken Curry

Had such a lovely evening! I Thank God for the gift of friendship! Some of the nice gifts I got, both functional & practical! Love them all. I forgot to take the picture of a pair of hot pants from GT!

Portable oven from DH, exactly what i needed.

Beautiful bib-neckpiece from SN. neckpiece made by Nicole Wisenhunt

Of course the most special to my heart are letters from my kids !

Lord Heavenly Father,

I thank you for all the years of staying by my side thru good and bad, giving me good health, a nice fun job & career, having a wonderful family & true friends. What more can I ask? I will not lie to you and never will because I'm asking more.... I'm asking more time with my husband, my kids, grow old with them, see my children grow to become man & woman after Your heart, grow in wisdom and excellent character. I want to see success in my children the way You define 'success'. More time & opportunity to share your love to other people. More time to travel with my husband & children. More time with my own parents (they are not getting younger). And lastly, I want to grow more in love with You, be faithful & obedient to you, for the rest of my life...

Your Child.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Commercial Muna

This post is to interrupt my travelog. But I can't help it! Girls something to look forward to this May- Sex & The City 2!!!!!!!!

And June!!!! Eclipse!! Wahh my patience is being tested, can't wait. As my husband would say, girly movie!!!

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Travelog Day 3: Hershey, Pennsylvania + Corning + Niagara

From Washington D.C. we are headed for Hershey, PA-the sweetest place on Earth! We had the opportunity to learn how chocolate is made, see the Hershey's characters in person, and even try the delicious food and desserts.

We then head to the Corning Glass Center, featuring over 30,000 objects from every era of glass-making, including real glass-making on-site. Visitors can see the fragile art of glass-making. We witnessed firsthand craftsman and artisans handily making superheated glass into delicate decorative pieces.

Afterwards, we depart for American portion of Niagara Falls, to see the majestic "night views" of nature up close. It is important to note that Niagara Falls, consisting of the Horseshoe Falls, the American Falls, and the Bridal Veil Falls, features spectacular views in the nighttime.

It was such a hectic but fun day! We checked in at Holiday Inn Amherst at Buffalo NY. Beautiful Room!

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Travelog Day 2: Maryland & Tour of Washington DC

We were so exhausted from the 23hour flight that we all slept like babies. We woke up to a cold weather 2C!! But oh so good... look at the morning fog!

Cousin ES fixing breakfast

DH also downloaded CCF's Sunday worship in my computer, we're worshiping in Maryland!

HS & ES with 3 kids went to Virginia. While today we will meet our tour group at DC. They drop us off at Smithsonian Area, we had lunch at American Indian Museum.

Then we met our tour guide BL! And the tour group of 61. First stop was the Air & Space Museum, then we went around Capitol Hill.

The White House, Lincoln & Jefferson Memorial, Korean War & Vietnam War Memorial.

Longgg day.. So tired. We checked in at Hilton in Gaithersburg and forgot to take the picture of our room! So I took one when it was already messy LOL