Tuesday, January 25, 2011


Hi everyone. Sorry I've been MISSING IN ACTION. A million things to do each day, I'm good if you're asking :) My Lord is my strength!

This is one of the many things I've been busy for, so enjoy the eye candy!! Hope to see you at the "Happiness" Chinese New Year trunk show. Feb 4 & 5.

Monday, January 3, 2011

Sorry for not updating. The holidays was crazy and by the time i plan to blog I was yawning.. sleepy zzz.

This is just random, I'll try blog more about each one later.

1. Went to Singapore with DH and Kids, i didn't bring my reliable yaya this time to "check" if I'll be sane for 5 days and a "test" for the upcoming Sydney trip on April.. and yes! the kids are pretty much well behaved. Thank You Lord!!!

2. Been having Christmas parties, lunch & dinner here and there and as of today, my dress feel TIGHT and i wanted to panic!!! Not fair, sign of aging/slow metabolism.. sigh.. I need to work out twice as much to be able to burn the holiday food.

3. However as of point number 2, I reconnected with a couple of old friends from college and I'm soooo happy to see each one so settled & fulfilled. To good buddy CL, our Heavenly Father will watch over you :)

4. Spent December 25 with my parents, brother & his family and my family together in Singapore and had a wonderful Asian meal & mouth-watering Cereal Prawns!!

5. DH ate Laksa for 5 straight days! hahaha

6. Yesterday 1/2/11, one of the best Sunday worship message.. Pastor said: Your goal for 2011? is to Please God.
Then few minutes later after the service, I got a call & to cut the long story short, I had a very stressful situation that leaves my eyes extremely swollen like gold fish. I had never put so much ice in my eyes my entire life like last night.

7. Today 1/3/11, one of the hardest thing that I had to do.. and it was done. I have surrendered the situation to the Lord.

8. So after 2 straight days of stressful moments, I dropped by GAP SALE and came home pretty happy with a big stash of kid's clothing at a very good price.

9. God has been reminding me to "pay attention" to what is important..

10. This year, I'm claiming God's promises to 'not live' in fear and worry.. The enemy can shake me but I refuse to fall down because I'm anchored to my Maker!