Sunday, February 28, 2010

Iron Kids Today!

Today was special because my Dear Son joined the 1st Alaska Iron Kids, 6-8 age category 1km run, held at the Manila Polo Club. DH and I just want to expose him to love the sport and have fun and we're so glad he did, in spite of his persistent cough these past few days.

I'm so sure the parents are more anxious than the participants! I remember the organizer held out the microphone earlier and his exact words are "Did you see all the ambulances around the area, they're not for the children but for all the nervous parents!" Another time he said "Parents if you are around the field we're not going to start!" I'm guilty as charge.

Here are some pictures for today's event.

 The bigger kids getting ready and briefing by Coach Rio dela Cruz



 Goofing with Dear Son



 This mom was screaming her lungs out cheering for her kid! LOL!!

Love this shot. Sigh.. Dear Daughter just grew up too fast.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Valentine's aka 2nd Childhood

It became officially a tradition. In celebrating Valentine's Day with my discipleship group, cousins, friends and beyond...

Last year we did the 70's era...

This year everyone came in 'tandem'

DR & AR as Popeye & Olive


IY & SY as GI Jane & GI Joe


JC & CC as Pharoah & Concubine

DN & NN as Austin Powers & Lady Gaga

SN & BN as Potiphar & Osama Bin Laden


AL & JL as Cardinal & Sister


RC & CC as John Travolta & Olivia Newton John

BS & WS (not in Photo) as Batgirl & Batman


SY & ZC as the Vampires


 TT & BT as themselves!

Who are they? Mr & Mrs Smith!

Lovely table set up by the talented JW

What a blessing to have friends & family like them! It's fun to play around like a child sometimes!

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Cosi Moda


The New Babies COSI MODA

Chic to hit Stores SOON!!



Advance viewing welcome. Please go to the stores, our staff will be happy to serve you. Limited stocks per style.

Mall of Asia Monday-Sunday 10am-8pm
The Podium Monday-Sunday 11am-8pm

Tuesday, February 9, 2010


Parents with children from 6 years onwards, you might want to let your kids join this event! The Alaska IronKids Philippines.encourages children to lead active lifestyle.  Debut is on February 28,2010. Last day of registration for the the 1st run race was on February 21. Click this link for calendar details. I was so excited I signed up Dear Son for the 1km run race. I may sound like a stage mom, but i want to start them young.


Join Na!!

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Here's Another NY Vendy Post

I learned from Chef Bobby Flay that NY gives out awards for the best food vendors called " The Vendy Awards! Sobrang cool.

Check out all the finalists for 2009. Most importantly look at the food they prepare.

Biryani Cart - Meru Sikder

The King of Falafel - Fares “Freddy” Zeidaies

Rickshaw Dumpling - Kenny Lao

Jamaican Dutchy - O’Neill Reid

The Winner for best NY Vendy for 2009 : Country Boys/Martinez Taco Truck- Fernando & Jolanda Martinez!!

Looks Really Good

I can't wait to try this famous chicken and rice halal food cart at 53rd street and Sixth Ave in New York City.

I'm a sucker for street food, I don't mind what others say about being clean or what.. Although sometimes I get into trouble after eating too much (nausea, LBM hehehe) But it's just so good especially the street food in Jakarta, Hong Kong & Bangkok.

Here's Chef Bobby Flay's recommendation. Looks sooo good!

Soon!! This Summer :)

Friday, February 5, 2010

February Race + Lululemon

I miss blogging. Sorry I've been busy.

This month I'm joining 2 running events.

The Condura 2010 Run For The Dolphins. This event marked my 1st anniversary for my injury. To those who know me, last year's condura run was the worst 'fall' I had encountered for this sport. It was just like yesterday, oh well. I've moved on.

My Bib & DH's Bib. He's doing the 21km Half Marathon.

The loot that comes with our Race Kit. 

And the Century Superbods Run with Coach Rio.

Singlet and the loot from my race kit

Both are well marketed race events and I'm so sure that thousands of runners will be there. I remember 2 years ago when I started joining running events, I'm paying about P200-300 per race. Now they are charging P500-750 per race, depending on the distance. Everyone is joining the bandwagon, which is good for cardio exercise. More sponsors are throwing in money because of good exposure. Running is definitely the new black. 

To yoga fanatics, I'm so sure you know LULULEMON. They have the complete line of apparel for yoga, and running. I think it is one of the best inventions for work-out apparel. I buy my collection on-line and have it shipped to my place. Locally they are available at Aura Athletica in Rockwell Powerplant Mall.


Years ago I am not very particular with the "brand" of work-out apparel, I stick to the usual Nike, Adidas etc.  However when I started running more than 5km, I noticed that my tummy (where the garter shorts touches) and between my legs have painful chaffing! When I take my shower it stings really bad. My cousin in law CQC, whose very athletic, introduced me to buy Lululemon.

One of the features was all their clothes have flat seaming.This prevents chafing and irritation caused by bulky seams.

I checked the price on-line and wow, they are pretty expensive. So i bought just one pair of running shorts and compression tights. After I tried it myself.. I'm sold I'm addicted. I started buying all colors, different designs, some newly acquired crops are not in the picture. Admittedly I hoarded, but hey, because I'm active, they are all used and abuse by me, so it was really worth it.





 that's me in blue wearing my 'lulu'


 and Le Anne Rimes in 'lululemon'

I hope Lululemon Management gets to read my post, I've been raving it to my friends how I love it! I don't mind them sending me 'samples'; 'broken sizes' hehehe...

Now back to training.