Monday, October 25, 2010

An Eclectic Collector

This entry is dedicated to one of my favorite client Ms. RH, who has impeccable taste, and collects the finest pieces that we have designed for her. She comes to my store and commissions me to make one-of-a-kind pieces. As you feast your eyes on her collection., you will notice that she is very eclectic, and a lover of nice things and accessory. She wants her accessory to be made from gold! She doesn't care if you think it is worth investing, she knows what she wants and she will have it made, personalized for her. These are just "some" of her collections I made for her thru the years, and as I write this entry, I'm still in the process of making another "very cute & girly" accessory for her. Will post it soon.

Carved Burmese Jade Pendant

Burmese Lavender Jade Necklace
Green & Orange Burmese Jade and Diamonds Necklace

Green, Lavender Jade with Fire Opal, Pink Sapphire & Diamond Earring

Lavender & Black Jade with Sapphire Briolletes & Diamond Earrings
Red Spinel & Carved Mother of Pearl Yellow Gold Hair Clamp
Yellow & White Gold Hair Clamp with Pink Sapphire, Topaz & Carved Mother of Pearl

Yellow Gold Hair Clip, with Carved Mother of Pearl Flowers, Pink Sapphire & Emerald

Green & Lavender Jade in Yellow Gold Hair Clamp

Green Flower Jade and Pink Sapphire in Yellow Gold Phone Bling

Blue Sapphire, Rubies & Sapphire set in Yellow Gold Phone Bling
Yellow Gold Bracelet with Lavender Jade

Carved White Jade & Green Jade Earrings

Initials in Blue Sapphire & Pink Sapphire with Green Flower Jade in Yellow Gold, Phone Bling
Carved Flower Jade & Orange Jade with Diamonds, Phone Bling

White Gold Diamond Tennis Necklace with Blue Sapphine

22k Yellow Gold Phone Bling

Diamond and Rubies in White Gold Mobile Phone Casing

Diamond in White Gold Mobile Phone Casing

"Twins" Diamond Mobile Phone Casing

I can say that her investment in these pieces has already appreciated in value by 40% because the price of gold and diamonds kept going up for the last 2 years.

I always tell my clients & friends, if you have extra money (disposable income) in hand,  you can think of investing in jewelry as something that could appreciate in value over time. But more than that, as you collect jewelry & with proper care & handling, you can pass it on to your children, which you cannot do that with bags, shoes or clothes!

Sunday, October 17, 2010

This Medal Belongs To Jesus :)

Tired but happy. Sleepy now but couldn't sleep. Had too much sugar today.

I woke up today at 4am, it's another race day for me, and I'm doing 600m swim, 17km bike & 3.2km run. DH and I headed straight to Ayala Alabang for the 5th Leg of the Speedo National Age Group Triathlon Race. We arrived few minutes before 6am. My race number today is "88" or Otso Otso hahahahaha.
Race Bib 88

DH and I did the usual stuff, preparing our things, checking in our bike, I lost track of time that it was actually the 3rd wave of the race for the Female Super Mini Sprint-- My wave!!! GRRRR all the girls are already in 2nd lane of the pool and I was the last to jump in!

Thank God I manage to catch up. Let me tell you why I'm in sugar high. Before the swim I ate 2 Lakatan Bananas and coffee. After the 600m swim I had Pocari Sweat and some power gel getting psyched to bike. Biking is my weakest part in this race.. because it involve too much speed, I don't like the thought of "falling" or "semplang" funny tagalog term hahaha. Anyway, the bike part turn out well, I was in rhythm with downhill and uphill. After the bike I took another Power Gel with natural honey on it and gulp it down with Pocari Sweat.  I ran all the way to the finish line. I was hyper!!!




After I finish I couldn't locate my driver (and photographer today). I took a quick shirt change and fix my stuff.. and my name was called.. Ms. EBC, 5th place for the Super Mini Sprint Race. I COULDN'T BELIEVE IT!~!!

I never imagine in my life to get a medal in any sport. I was not active nor trained ever in sports. It was just 3 years ago that I got into running (because of DH and his cousins). Instantly I was hooked, now I'm doing 3 sports and I actually look forward doing it 2-3 times weekly. I realized that being involved in any sport requires discipline.. you have to keep practicing to get better, and stronger. If in a few shots you give up, you'll never get to the goal.

I have come to realized to count each blessing, and I am so blessed to be able to get up each day to pray and worship my Lord Jesus; the joy to serve my husband and children; to unleash my creativity and talent to design/create beautiful jewelry and have it as a career; to swim, bike and run; to have opportunities i never could have dreamed of a few years ago.  So, this medal belongs to Jesus. My Lord, The One who saves me from the miry pit of brokenness, pain & sin.. and taught me to reach my full potential today.

"Everything is possible for him who believes" Mark 9:23

In spiritual analogy, just like sports, it's the same discipline for our faith to grow..

What about you? Ask God to empower you to spend more consistent time with Him. This could be through prayer, reading His word, spending time in silence, worshiping Him through music, sitting with Him in nature, taking prayer walks, etc.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

No Longer A Baby

I've been delinquent in my blog. Sorry! There's so much I want to share but have been busy with so many things daily. I've been sick for some time with "Vertigo" and have been seen by couple of doctors.. Also cervical spine pain as well. Long story how I cope up. Well, I'm better now, I'm strong as a cow. Thank you Lord.

I'll try to share some happenings from last couple of weeks..

My little girl is 4. Sigh. Can't get over it, I'm happy because she's growing and blooming to be a fine kid and at the same time sad because she's no longer a baby nor a toddler.. she's already a preschooler. I felt the same way with my eldest son when he turned 3, then 4 then 5.. now 7.. can't stop the time, can't stop.. can't get enough of them and keeping them mine forever.. I need more time..

When she was a newborn

1 year old and learning to walk

2 years old here and a curious buddy

3 years old and became very charming

Most recent, 4 years old

Last weekend we celebrated her birthday from Friday-Sunday. We checked in at a new hotel called Hotel H20 just behind Luneta. I didn't know what to expect, except that I know the rooms have huge aquariums. I booked over the phone and got a good rate. When we got there and entered the room, I'm so impressed!

The fishes in our room!!

Bathroom modern interiors

Breakfast at Makansutra is included in the room rate
Hallway going to the room

Downloaded some templates for labels to be attached to her lootbags

she packs her lootbags

My son helping out too

All done!

She gave it all to her friends in school