Tuesday, August 31, 2010

See You at the Trunk Show

Hi friends!

If you're free on September 10 or 11, please drop by and see my latest creations. It's a collaboration with my business partner and cousin-in-law Shamaine! Exciting prizes awaits lucky buyers!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Travelog: Dining at Batik Asian Cuisine, Maryland!

I'm back. I'm well na. Thanks for those who prayed for me. I had an awesome weekend with my kids in Subic. I'll do a separate post for that.

Continuing my US travelog, I'm so proud of cousin-in-laws Henry & Emily Sy who owns/operate this restaurant called "Batik Asian Cuisine and Dumpling Bar". We stayed at their house with a huge backyard while we were in Maryland for 5 days. This is towards the end of our trip so we are just chilling and relaxed, took subways to go to DC.. etc.

This couple is super hardworking. Emily is in charge of all the recipes!! This girl is a superwoman.She formulated South East Asian Cuisine for this restaurant. She created the menu, location/interiors of the place/marketing/pricing and during business hours she transforms into a waitress! I love the Laksa and Beef Kway Teow!

that's Henry! hahaha

according to Emily, most of her decors came from Boracay, and provinces in Philippines

al fresco dining at the 2nd floor

We also met the chef.. forgot her name. Look at her strong hands!

and the FOOD!

If you're in the area of Gaithersburg, Maryland. You must go go go!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Eclectic Eve is Sick

I've been sick since Sunday, as I post this today. Sigh.

Saturday 8/13 I even went biking with DH and MG

Sunday 8/14 I ran the Chinabank Run 90th Anniversary at Mckinley Hills and did 9km at a very hilly course. The same day we had a small party in Makati. 2pm I started to feel pain in the head/bones.

When I got home at 4.30pm, My temp is 39.5!!!

Fast forward, today is already Wednesday, already took 3 separate blood test for Dengue/CBC platelet count. My Platelets looks good. THANK GOD.

But I still have reoccurring fever when Advil wears off; so what kind of bug is this??? I'm really hoping and praying that I'll get better tomorrow.. Please Lord, My HEALER. I am so looking forward to be out of town with my kids this Friday-Sunday.

Please pray for me. I'm already taking antibiotics. I'm not used to this, It's the first having fever for this long!!

Thanks :)

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Travelog Day 11: Smithsonian Museum Of Natural history

Today we went to Smithsonian Museum of Natural History. I believe this is where they filmed the funny movie "Night At The Museum".

Most of the Museums at Washington DC charges no entrance fee. It's FREE.

I'll let the pictures do the talking and you'll see how history has evolved through the centuries, although i disagree that dinosaurs existed millions of years ago.. I believe they existed during Noah's time and got killed during the flood.  

My favorite part in this museum.. The Harry Winston Gallery!!

My very first time to see the biggest blue diamond..


 45.52 Carat

and feast your eyes on these gigantic jewelries of the nobles and royalties..

and finally the minerals gallery..