Monday, April 4, 2011

Girl's Best Friend

This baby went home to her new momma, stylish Mrs. YHL.
2.03 Carat GIA Certified

Her next baby is Green.. and here she is.. I had a hard time letting this one go..

stay tuned! watch out for her transformation..

Friday, April 1, 2011

Be Summer Wise!

 I felt the scorching sun this morning as I make coffee in my kitchen and I knew that summer has definitely arrived! A very happy time for the children and moms too! I was relieved that school is over and I'm taking a break from tutoring also. This summer, I planned some activities for my kids to be busy and productive, away from cartoon TV and computer games!

I got them into ART this time. I enrolled them at Art Camp Bezalel to do painting, drawing and crafts at their Fort Bonifacio facility. Here are some of their works from the last 2 sessions and I'm glad they they are enjoying and using their imaginations!

I also want them to improve in MATH, so I enrolled them in ENOPI at Serendra branch. I like ENOPI Math because it encourages mastery in math skills and independent learning.

They will also join their school's READING Enrichment Class for 4 weeks. I started reading-out-loud with both my kids when they are 6 months old and I can say the benefits are profound for my children. Now they are 7 and 4, both of them loves to read and achievers in school.

And their favorite sport activity- SWIMMING.

When Dear son was 3 years old I enrolled him in swimming lessons at Bert Lozada Swim School. Check out their website they offer classes in many locations. The teachers are very good with toddlers. My toddler son was a cry baby but surprisingly, he learned his basics of dog paddling and strokes from his Teacher, Coach Joy. After summer class was over I hired Coach Joy to continue lessons weekly at our swimming pool in the condo where we live. He learned free style, backstroke, butterfly stroke etc. It has been 4 years since he started and swimming has now become an all-year-round sport activity for both my kids. My 4 year old daughter already knew how to swim on her own!

Dear son also joined Super Tri Kids events like this at age 6 1/2.

At the end of a hectic schedule for the day, Dear husband and I take turns encouraging them to read their Bibles and devotions before going to bed. They read one chapter each and we ask them questions like, "what is the story about?" "why did God punish the people?" The answers are very funny & amusing and I'm happy they are asking many questions.

Do they still watch TV and play with iPhones and iPad? Oh yes! but very minimal. I try my best to move my schedule around theirs so I can be with them and watch them in action. I keep them hands full, busy, creative & happy, well-balanced this summer.