Tuesday, September 6, 2011

The Hearties

I hate to say goodbye to my babies.. especially to my Diamonds. As the demand is increasing in the world market, the prices of both rough and polished diamonds have increased since 2010.

As a Jeweller & Designer, I always have beautiful stones & materials to work on, I touch it, feel it and I get to imagine what design will bring out the best in these stones. After manufacturing I get to "wear" it first before anyone else. That's the time I "always" fall in love with every piece! In my mind, what if I just keep this one and not sell... My dear husband would then remind me "why are you still in business if you want to keep EACH piece that you make?" LOL!! Make sense right?? So I have separation anxiety whenever these babies get sold!

This is the part of my business and I love the refinement and class that ladies accustomed to appreciate the "high life".

Anyway "Hearties",  both of you are now in good hands to a collector, who has an extremely good taste and buy for investment. 

The heart shape diamond is the size of my thumb! 

The sparkling G color heart shape diamond, flank by a pair of pear shape diamonds as side stones

The 2 pair heart shape diamond, exceptionally white "F" color ready to be mounted

Perfection & Timeless

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