Friday, June 10, 2011

Dennis Lustico

Last week I went to Makati Shangri-la to watch the Fashion Show of Dennis Lustico, Holiday 2011 Collection.

Here's the complete collection. I got swooned by some the pieces, particularly number 6, 8 and 24.

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I wear a size 2, but it doesn't mean I have a model's body hahaha! So after a few days I decided to drop by his Atelier and see.. if something fits me, but not expecting, just hopeful.. you know what I mean??

This is my first time to meet him and can I say he is one of the nicest fashion designer that I have met. Kind is the word, and very humble. I know a couple of fashion designers and usually they have a certain "mood" and "don't correct me" attitude. Mabait siya, I like him!

I went thru his collection and boom!! Number 24 is there!! yahoooo!! He asked me to try it on and I gave it.. and it fits like a glove!!!!! Except for the length, it was made for a 5'11 model! LOL!!

Number 6 is still in the rack, I tried it and it looks soooo nice, however i find the side and back detail too sexy, where will i wear this???

the see thru "net" fabric starts on the side all the way to the back is bare. It spells SEXY

The color also reminds me of Marc Jacob's dress worn by Blake Lively & Fergie, because I have the exact same dress! LOL!!!

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The finale..

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Therefore.. the gorgeous blue gown that spells fashion standout.. is now part of my collection :)

Thank You Lord for bonuses like this.

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  1. Achy evs! You went with achy shamaine? we weren't able to go! He made my Tinghun Gown, she was recommended by achy shamaine few years ago. My Mom super likes him kasi he is nice, maasikaso and on time!- Sherry